Darling, you’ve come so far

Exactly three years ago I was standing on a beach in PEI, feeling utterly lost and alone.

Brackley Beach. June 23, 2019.

I had barely just moved across the country to be with my partner of eight years when he told me he didn’t know if he was “in” our relationship anymore. I thought nothing would compare to the pain I lived with over the next year, waiting for someone to decide if they loved me.

Today I think about how far I’ve come.

A year later I finally made the decision to leave that relationship and the future I had planned for behind, and start all over. I spent two years focusing on myself, and nurturing relationships with my family and friends. I faced losing my dad to suicide, a pain that far outweighed any previous heartache, and I survived it. I’ve become part of a beautiful yoga community that fills me with joy and helps me move through healing with grace. I even started dating again.

I get still get sad, angry, depressed, and anxious, but when I think of that girl, alone on that beach, I smile and think about how much growth she is about to experience.

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